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8 thoughts on “ Смерть - Dr. Emmett Brown, In/Cunto, ПоследниеКаплиМоейРеволюции - Noise Against Humanity (CDr, Album)

  1. RPhD. Informal story. If you think that the history of the RPhD is the history of serious learned people, then yes! It's true! But this is not the whole trut.
  2. Все началось в один из обыкновенных дней. Я ощутил какое- то странное недомогание. Появилась немощь, температура поднялась до 39 по Цельсию. Буквально через неделю стал сильно худеть. Никакие лекарства не помогали.
  3. The officer nodded. "Okay, Dr. Brown, we just wanted to make sure you were all right." She pulled a thin box off her belt with a plate on it. "I just need a thumbscan for our time sheet." Doc obligingly pressed his thumb to the scanner. It beeped, but Foley turned it off before it could give his stats. "Thanks. We'll see you in the future, Dr.
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  5. Well the extra talented Christopher Lloyd had almost "chewed every scenes" in the movie. Mr. Lloyd's versatile performance as the madman and genius scientist Dr. Emmett Brown is one of the great memorable roles in his carrier. Last but not the least, it was Crispin Glover who steal the show as the nerdy teenager/father as George McFly.
  6. Когда мы ещё не знали, кто такая Гандзюк" Эта женщина восхищалась "патриотами", иронизировала над христианами.
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  8. Михаил Лермонтов. Смерть поэта («Погиб поэт! — невольник чести»). Текст произведения.

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