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8 thoughts on “ I Don’t Wanna Know

  1. Jul 16,  · "I Don't Wanna Know" is the tenth episode of Season 1 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' tenth episode miclidicsekareteterogliraci.coinfo date: November 9,
  2. I don't wanna know If you're playin' me, keep it on the low Cause my heart can't take it anymore And if your creepin, please don't let it show Oh baby, I don't wanna know. Did he touch you better then me (touch you better then me) Did he watch you fall asleep (watch you fall asleep).
  3. Oct 04,  · Em Matter fact, never mind, we'll let the past be Emadd9 Maybe his right now, but your body's still me, woah [CHORUS] C I don't wanna know, know, know, know D Who's taking you home, home, home, home Em I'm loving you so, so, so, so Emadd9 The way I used to love you, no C I don't wanna know, know, know, know D Who's taking you home, home, home.
  4. Don't even try it, I know when you lyin (I know when you lyin) Don't even do that, I know why you cryin (stop cryin) I'm not applyin no pressure, just wanna let you know That I don't wanna let you go (I don't wanna let you go) And I don't wanna let you leave Can't say I didn't let you breathe Gave you extra G's (c'mon), put you in the SUV.
  5. "I Do' Wanna Know" is a song written by Kevin Cronin that was the lead single from REO Speedwagon 's album Wheels Are Turnin'. It was more of a rocker reminiscent of the songs REO Speedwagon had released in the s than the ballads the band had been successful with in the early miclidicsekareteterogliraci.coinfo: Rock, pop.
  6. I don't know if you feel the same as I do But we could be together if you wanted to (Do I wanna know?) If this feeling flows both ways? (Sad to see you go) Was sort of hoping that you'd stay (Baby, we both know) That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day Crawling back to you (crawling back to you).
  7. I Don't Wanna Know -Season 2- 作詞:AK 作曲:RIMAZI・AK 知りたくもない 思い出したくもない 君は俺じゃない 相手とKissing all night 知りたくもない 記憶隠せない 瞳の奥を もう覗けないよ I don't wanna know 切なく降りしき.
  8. This is the music code for Dont wanna know by Maroon 5 and the song id is as mentioned above. Please give it a thumbs up if it worked for you and a thumbs down if its not working so that we can see if they have taken it down due to copyright issues.

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