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  1. Hop (1,) IMDb 1h 35min X-Ray PG From the creators of Despicable Me comes an all-new comedy starring E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand), the Easter Bunny, who decides to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star drummer.
  2. Jul 03,  · hop (plural hops) The plant (Humulus lupulus) from whose flowers, beer or ale is brewed. (usually in the plural) The flowers of the hop plant, dried and used to brew beer etc. (US, slang) Opium, or some other narcotic drug. quotations ▼.
  3. Order your favorite pancakes, omelettes, and burgers with the click of a button. IHOP N’ GO® allows you to customize, pay online, and get deliciousness to go.
  4. SEE SYNONYMS FOR hop ON miclidicsekareteterogliraci.coinfo verb (used without object), hopped, hop·ping. to make a short, bouncing leap; move by leaping with all feet off the ground. to spring or leap on one foot.
  5. Mar 23,  · Hop is all about achieving one's dreams, regardless of how fantastical those dreams may seem. Hidden deep inside the mouth of a moai statue on Easter Island is a candy factory that produces the world's Easter candy and looks like a cross between Willy /5(K).
  6. a short jump by a person on one foot, or by a small animal, bird, or insect on all or two of its feet at the same time: With his feet tied together he could only move in little hops.
  7. 2 days ago · SpaceX Starship prototype takes big step toward Mars with first tiny 'hop' It looks like a floating tin can, but the test article known as SN5 may really be providing a glimpse of the future.
  8. 1. A twining vine (Humulus lupulus) having lobed leaves and green female flowers arranged in conelike spikes. 2. hops The dried female inflorescences of this plant, containing a bitter aromatic oil. They are used in brewing to inhibit bacterial growth and to add the characteristic bitter taste to beer.

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